September 1, 2009


Up till October 15, 2009, the position in Malaysia regarding data privacy issues are still not absolutely govern by any specific law as compared to other countries. There have been many attempts by the legislator to pass a law that shall govern data protection. However, the only one that have been passed so far is only the DNA Identification Act 2009. Malaysia is still waiting for the Bill of Data Protection to be passed so that the citizens shall be protected from their data being misused and disclosed freely by others.


January 28 each year has been declared to be an international holiday since it was made as the ‘Data Privacy Day’. That date was chosen in celebration of the date which the Council of Europe (CE) Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data was opened for signatured for the first time in 1981. House Resolution HR 31 by vote of 402-0 was passed by United States House of Representatives on January 26, 2009 was the one that declared the National Data Privacy Day’ shall be held on January 28 each year. It was later followed by Senate who passed the Senate Resolution 25 also recognizing January 28, 2009 as National Data Privacy Day.

The Data Privacy Day will be celebrated by United States, Canada and 27 other European countries. The main purpose of declaring January 28 as Data Privacy Day is to promote awareness and education among teens across the United States. That day also serves the importance of futhering international collebration and cooperation privacy issues.

The celebration of Data Privacy Day in the United States have invoved all privacy professionals, corporations, government officials, and representatives, academics, and students across the country. In the 2009 celebration of Data Privacy Day, it took place across the Unites States, Canada and Europe. That day has offered many opportunities to the world to learn more about data privacy and to take action to protect personal information. It holds many events like academic conferences on topics including national security and data transfers, social networking and information security